Being able to view your cash flow; money coming in and money going out is a key factor to understanding the growth of your business. 

You get insights into if your business is making profits or loss; what products or services are fast movers and which are not.

Your Oze 2.0 app has a transaction screen that highlights these important features.

On your transaction screen (see image below), you can see your 'Total Net Balance'. This shows a summary of your:

  1. Total Cash-In
  2. Total Cash-out
  3. Pending balance ( all monies owed to you)
  4. Completed transactions

You can also use the filter function to see this information for a customized period by:

1. Using the 'calendar icon' for a quick filter of all transactions done in a day, the day before or a custom day (See image below).

2. Using the funnel icon for a more advanced filter by: (See image below).

  • Transaction type
  • Product/ Service Category
  • Transaction date range
  • Payment method
  • Payment Status

You also get to see a list of all your transaction with the last recorded transaction at the top of the list.

With this list, you can edit or delete a transaction by selecting the transaction and using the 'pen icon' to edit it or the 'red rubbish bin icon' to delete it. (See image below).

You can also search for a transaction using the 'search icon' at the top of your screen (See image below).