As a business owner, you get to transact with different types of customers. It's essential that you are flexible enough to serve them but accountable enough to make sure your books are in order.

Some of these customers purchase items from you and pay in full; while some pay a part and others on credit.

When you record transactions that were either paid in part or unpaid, ensure you input the agreed payment date(s) and send payment reminder(s) to the customer so they pay as at when due.

Your Oze 2.0 app has a payment reminder feature that lets you send prompt reminders to customers who owe you.

Kindly use the steps below to send a payment reminder:

  1. From your transaction screen, select the transaction that you want to send a reminder for.
  2. The transaction details will open. At the top of your screen beside the 'red rubbish bin icon', click on the ellipsis (three dots "⋮")
  3. You will see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen, select 'Send Payment Reminder'.
  4. The payment reminder screen will appear with a message to your customer. Feel free to edit the message as you see fit.
  5. Upon completion, click on the 'share reminder button'. You can share a reminder with your customer via:
    • Text message
    • WhatsApp
    • Email
  6. Select your preferred channel to send the reminder.

Congratulations, you just sent out a payment reminder!

You can send as many reminders as you want until payment has been made in full.