If you’ve upgraded to Oze Premium, then you have access to the Employee Accounts feature! 

This means you can add employees and managers to your Oze account. Once you add them, they will receive an SMS and email asking them to create an Oze account that will be connected to your business account. 

By default, employees will be able to add sales and expenses and managers will be able to add an employee, see employees’ transactions, and delete/edit employees’ transactions. 

Adding a new employee or manager:

  1. From your Oze Business App, click on the 'network icon' at the top of your screen. It will take you to the network screen. The network screen has 4 main tabs:
    • Employees tab for you to manage all employee information
    • Customers tab for you to manage all customer information
    • Investors tab (coming soon)
    • Supplies tab for you to manage information about your suppliers and vendors (coming soon)
  2. On the employees' tab, click on '+ New Employee' at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. A new employee profile with pop up. 
  4. Select the employee role (i.e. Regional manager, Manager, Employee).
  5. Fill in the employee's first and last name.
  6. Click 'Select Manager' to add who manages this employee. If you manage them, choose yourself (the Business Owner). If it’s someone else, you can choose their name from the list. (NOTE: the Manager will need to have already been added to appear on the list. 
  7. Enter the employee’s email address.
  8. Select the date they were hired (this can be approximate-- don’t worry too much about it).  
  9. Enter the Location where that employee works. This is especially helpful if you have multiple branches or stores. (Click the bullseye to use GPS.) 
  10. Enter the employee's Mobile Number. 

(NOTE: Once you’ve saved a new employee or manager, they will receive an SMS and an email asking them to set up an account with Oze so make sure this number is correct.) 

If you want, you can enter the employee's monthly salary. This information helps Oze help you plan for recurring expenses. 

Click the 'Floppy Disk' icon to save this employee information. You should now be able to see the employee listed.